Creating a good online product for your Teacha! store

This article gives recommendations for details that you can add to make your product more successful on the Teacha! Resources Marketplace.

This article is for TEACHA! VENDORS. 📝🙌

We know how much effort and care you’ve put into creating a quality resource for other teachers to use. That’s why we want to help you to turn your resource into a good online product that comes up easily in search results and which encourages users to download. 😀

When you upload your Teacha! resources on the vendor Products page, there are several fields that you can customise. Using these fields effectively will help your product sales.

When uploading your resource, it is a good idea to:

Name your resource

Include the Grade, Subject, Term and Topic. This makes it easier for users to see if this product is relevant to them, at first glance.

Include a product description

This is your space to flesh out the value of your product. Include grade, subject, term, topic and any additional information on the product. 

Include a product short description

There is less space here so this is where you need to outline key information. Include grade, term, subject, topic, curriculum, and resource format.

Select relevant categories

When your product is placed into a relevant category, you make it easier for customers to find it. Use the checkboxes to select a maximum of three categories (grade, subject, phase).

Make use of tags

Tags also make your product easier to find. Although you are able to make new tags, it is advised to use the ones already available. Start typing (subject, grade, topic, phase) and the auto-fill option should pop up. Note that tags are all in lowercase and one word.

Upload a featured image

The featured image is the cover image that customers will see when browsing the marketplace.
The minimum size of the featured image is 700px width x 700px height.

Although many vendors have a generic feature image, we find that unique images that highlight what is being sold catches the customers’ attention a lot more (grade, subject, topic, image, store name).

🖼️ There are plenty of free online tools, like Canva, that you can use to create a great featured image.

Add product gallery images

Gallery images are previews for the product. You can do this easily by taking a screenshot of your product, but is important that you either watermark your images or you lower the quality of the image (so that users do not just print it straight from the preview page without purchasing the resource).

Include a regular price and sale price

Your regular price should be realistic (ask yourself: would you pay your asking price for the resource?). If you would like to schedule a sale, you can also set your sale price here and schedule a sale by clicking the 'Schedule a sale' link.

Upload the product files

Ensure that you have double-checked that the file is ready for selling before uploading it:

  • Ensure that the content in your file complies with copyright law.
  • If you have used this file at your school, be sure to remove any school information
  • Give the file a relevant file name (i.e. name the file according to grade, topic, etc.).
  • Ideally, upload a PDF, as well as the original file (in case your customer wants to edit it).


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