Enabling hardcopy book purchases in Engage

This article will explain how to set a preferred bookseller and customise your settings in Engage so that hardcopy books can be ordered.

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 💾

Before parents can purchase hardcopy books for their children via Engage, you’ll need to:

  1. Set a preferred bookseller. This is the bookseller who will supply and deliver the books to your school.
  2. Turn on hardcopy purchasing in Engage. This indicates that you want the option to select hardcopy books when setting up your prescribed book orders. You can also adjust shipping information (e.g. whether delivery is free or not) so that this is clear to parents when they are purchasing their children's books in Engage.

To set a preferred bookseller:

Get in touch with education@snapplify.com so that the Snapplify team can appoint a specific Snapplify Authorised Bookseller to your school.

It is essential that you set a preferred bookseller with Snapplify before proceeding with hardcopy orders.

To turn on hardcopy book purchases in Engage:

  1. After logging in to Engage, navigate to the settings section by clicking the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. On the 'General Settings' page, scroll down to ‘Procurement’.
  3.  Under ‘Hard Copy Procurement’, select ‘Yes’.
  4. If applicable, update the 'Free Shipping', Shipping Price', and 'Shipping Note' fields.
  5. Click 'Save'.


Need help? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at help@snapplify.com.