Getting your content ready to sell via Snapplify

This article gives an overview of the file types you may need to prepare before delivering the content to Snapplify.

This article is for CONTENT OWNERS. 📗📘📙

Not only can you reach hundreds of thousands of customers when you distribute your content through Snapplify, but we’ve made it really easy to get started. 

Snapplify supports ePDF, EPUB, Snap (Interactive content combining audio, video & HTML), video, audio formats.

👉 Learn how to prepare ePDF files.

👉 Learn how to prepare ePUB files.

👉 Learn how to prepare Snap files.

👉 Learn how to prepare video files.

👉 Learn how to prepare audio files.

👉 Next, learn how to compile your metadata by understanding metadata format options and digital rights management (DRM).


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