Inviting a Snapplify Authorised Bookseller to help you manage prescribed book orders

This article will explain how to go about adding a Snapplify Authorised Bookseller to your school’s unique Engage platform and how their service can help you.

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 💾

Having a nominated bookseller within your school’s Engage platform can help to take the load off you, freeing up your time.

The bookseller will be able to assist you with managing your annual prescribed books order, while you get to focus more on teaching.

If your nominated bookseller has a hardcopy book offering, you will only be able to purchase hardcopy books via Engage and have them delivered to your school if you've asked the Snapplify team to set them as your preferred bookseller.

To appoint a Snapplify Authorised Bookseller for your school:

  1. Invite the bookseller to join your institution’s unique Engage platform.
  2. Once the bookseller has been added, assign the Bookseller role to the user.

Your appointed bookseller will now be able to help you manage book orders within Engage.

A bookseller who has been added as a user in Engage will be able to:

Set up prescribed lists in Engage

Link an existing user group to a prescribed list

Generate printable quotations in Engage

Your school’s nominated bookseller will not be able to:

Set up user groups or add users to groups

Finalise orders and make payment


If your bookseller is not yet a Snapplify Authorised Bookseller, they can reach out to us to start this process.

Need help? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at