Making use of your institution's unique Engage domain

This article explains how to find your educational institution's own URL for Engage, and suggests how to share this with educators and students.

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. đź’ľ

Your unique Engage domain is your educational institution's own URL for Engage.

This not only gives your school ownership of your e-learning environment, but it is helpful to educators and students, who can use the easy-to-remember URL to navigate to Engage quickly and without any fuss.

To find your institution’s Engage domain, you will need to have Admin permissions for your Engage platform.

Finding the Engage URL for your institution

  1. After logging in to Engage, navigate to the settings section by clicking the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. On the 'General Settings' page, you will find the unique URL for your Engage platform under the display name (usually the name of your school).

Using your institution's Engage URL effectively

To ensure that students and educators know exactly where to access your Engage portal, share your school’s unique Engage URL with them in a blog post or email, or on Snapplify posters that you can hang up around your institution – in your library, classrooms, hallways, or admin office. Each poster includes a spot for you to fill in your institution’s specific domain name.

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