Understanding the Activity section for Librarians in Engage

This article will help you to understand how to use the Activity section to keep track of your library’s loaned, wait-listed, and blocked ebooks.

This article is for LIBRARIANS. 📚💚

As your school’s librarian, you’ll be responsible for monitoring books that have been checked out of your library or added to the library’s wait list. You may also need to block certain ebooks so that users cannot access them. The Activity section in Engage will enable you to do this easily.

Finding the Activity section 

  1. Log in to Engage and navigate to the library by clicking 'Library' at the top of your screen.
  2. In the Librarian section of your dashboard on the left-hand side of your screen, select 'Activity'.

Viewing your library’s loaned or wait-listed titles

In the Activity section, select the ‘Loaned’, ‘Wait list’, or 'Blocked' tabs on this page to view the ebooks that have been checked-out, wait-listed, or blocked, respectively.


Screenshot 2020-10-30 082708

On this page, you can view all the books in your library that are currently checked out by users. Here, you can also manually return books if necessary. To do this, find the relevant title by scrolling through the list of books, or using the search bar at the top of the page. Then click the red ‘Return’ button next to the ebook you’d like to return to the library.

Wait list

Screenshot 2020-10-30 082948

On this page, you can see all the library books that users are currently waiting for, as well as how many users are waiting for each book. A title is added to the wait list when the book is currently checked out and there are no more ‘copies’ (i.e. licences) available for a new user to check it out at the same time.

Reviewing your wait list regularly is a good way to monitor which books are popular in your library, and can be helpful when you're deciding if more library licences are needed for a particular book.

If your library purchase type is set to 'Librarian purchasing', your students can also make requests for ebooks that your library does not own and which your institution would need to purchase. Find out more about managing library requests here.


blocked tab

On this page, you can see which books have been blocked from your Engage library and store.

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