Viewing your job vacancies on Teacha! Jobs

This article explains how to review all the job openings your school has posted.

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS or HR MANAGERS. 💻

After you've you've posted vacancies on Teacha! Jobs, you may need to review these job listings. We've made it easy to see all your school's jobs in one place.

To review all the jobs your school has posted:

  1. Sign in to Teacha! Jobs as an employer.
  2. From your Employer Dashboard, select 'Manage Jobs'.
  3. On the Manage Jobs page, you will be able to see all the jobs you have posted.
    manage applications and jobs

Use the Manage Jobs function to:

  • Review the application deadline
  • See whether the job is active or not
  • Review applications for the job
  • See how many times the job has been viewed
  • Edit or delete job listings


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