Using the Snapplify Reader's accessibility features

One of the greatest benefits of digital technology is its power to make education more accessible. Because we believe in this, the Snapplify Reader offers accessibility features including:

  • The ability to have the app speak selected text.
  • A specialised font to aid dyslexic readers.

Note: These features are currently only available for iOS, and are forthcoming on Android and Desktop.

Activate text-to-speech

To activate the Speak Selection accessibility feature, follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘General’.
  3. Tap on ‘Accessibility’.
  4. Tap on ‘Speech’ and make sure is ‘Speak Selection’ on.
  5. After activating ‘Speak Selection,’ an option for ‘Speak’ will pop up in the same line as ‘Highlight’ when you select text in the Snapplify Reader. Select text as if you were going to make a note or highlight in the Snapplify Reader, and select for it to be read aloud.

Useful tip:

Text-to-speech is a great way to handle assessments with learners who have exam concessions.

Instead of finding separate venues and readers for each learner, with text-to-speech function you can simply have the question papers read to the learners over headphones in one venue. This saves teachers from having to find venues and external readers.

Enable the ‘Open Dyslexic’ font

To activate the ‘Open Dyslexic’ font, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Snapplify Reader application on your device.
  2. Select an ebook and open it.
  3. Tap on the ‘aA’ icon in the open ebook.
  4. Select ‘Fonts’ – this is usually set as ‘Default’.
  5. Tap on the ‘Open Dyslexic’ font to change the font from ‘Default’.

This font was created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. Please note that the font can only be changed in reflowable ePUBs and not PDF files.