Choosing whether unpurchased content is visible in the library

This article explains how librarians can manage the content that is visible to other Engage users with the library content setting.

This article is for LIBRARIANS with the ADMINISTRATOR role. 📚💚

With the library content setting in Engage, you can control whether your students can access the full library or whether they only see and have access to purchased titles (i.e. those that have been added to the Owned section in the library).

Changing your settings to 'Owned' makes it easier for students to discover books that your school already owns, and gives you more power and control over books that are recommended to students.

👉 If you select ‘Full’, all users will be able to see all titles in the library (unless particular titles have been blocked). 

👉If you select 'Owned', all titles that are not owned by your institution will be filtered out of your library for learners, including the Recommended, Collections and Categories sections. Note that administrators, teachers, and librarians will still have access to the full library

👉 You can control whether other users are able to purchase content by setting your library’s purchasing type.

To set your your institution’s library content type:

  1. Log in to Engage and navigate to ‘Settings’.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Library Content’.
  3. Select ‘Full’ or ‘Owned’.
  4. Click ‘Save’.
    library content

🆓 If you select ‘Owned’ as a library content setting but you still want certain free ebooks to show up in your library, the librarian will need to add these titles manually. Simply click the ‘Add’ button to add them to your library. Other users will then be able to see these in the library, and check them out.

Activating the library content setting-01

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