Finding solutions to common problems

Most common problems have very simple solutions. Often, a problem using the Snapplify Reader app is related to the internet connection, or to having too many apps running on a device simultaneously.

One of these simple fixes may resolve the issue that you’re experiencing:

  1. Check your internet connection: Have you tried switching the WiFi off and on again? Disconnect, then reconnect to the network. 
  2. Check your operating system: You might need to do an update. See our supported operating systems under ‘What kind of device do I need to read Snapplify ebooks’ in the ‘Getting Started’ section of these FAQs.
  3. Force-close the app manually using your device’s task manager, then try logging in again.
  4. Clear the cache. This will refresh the app and automatically log you out of your profile. You will then need to log in again using your username and password.

Submitting a query to our support team

If you’ve tried these steps and are still experiencing difficulty, get in touch with us at We’re always happy to help.

When submitting a query, we’ll need you to supply the following details:

  1. Client name.
  2. Device (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab).
  3. Operating system (e.g. iOS10, Oreo).
  4. Internet connection (e.g. 3G, WiFi).
  5. Description of the support issue (e.g. a screenshot of the reported problem or a description of the error message in the application).
  6. If the query relates to a purchase made, please also include a proof of purchase and a purchase reference.