E-commerce store voucher creation

When creating vouchers for your clients, please keep the following in mind to ease the process:


  • Only generate vouchers once the order has been paid.
  • Make sure vouchers are not being deleted or archived – rather unpublish them if they will no longer be used.
  • Ensure you create an original voucher code each time with a unique sequence of letters and/or numbers, for example, FREE000123.
  • Make use of a standard coding system that will relate to your orders.
  • An easy way to do this is to abbreviate the institution name, add the invoice number and include the month or year, for example, ABCINV1232019. We recommend using the following format to create a voucher code like this:

- Use all CAPS

- Use a bookseller abbreviation, for example ABC Booksellers becomes ABC

- Include the invoice number, for example Invoice 123 becomes INV123

- Include the month or year (e.g. 2019)

  • When receiving bulk orders from institutions, ensure that you have communicated with the institution first to establish how the institution would like their vouchers grouped. This could be single vouchers per title or one voucher per grade or group.
  • Remember that it is much more efficient to provide one code with many titles, than many individual codes for many titles.


Voucher codes should not include the following elements:

  • Do not to use special characters: @,#,$,^,&,*,<,>,\,`,~,/,ä,á,â,è,é,ê,ë,’,”
  • Do not use spaces.
  • Do not use the same voucher code more than once.
  • Do not delete or archive vouchers.
  • Do not make any changes to existing vouchers without first speaking to a member of the Snapplify Team.
  • Do not generate vouchers without ensuring that payment has been received. The Snapplify Team will invoice you for the vouchers generated and not redeemed.