Getting devices that fit your school

This article is for SNAPPLIFY NEWBIES. ✨

While our Snapplify Reader is designed to work across multiple devices, picking devices that are cost-effective and which suit your school’s unique needs can be tricky. 🤔🛠️ We’ve made the process of device procurement easier for Snapplify customers by allowing you to purchase devices directly through us. 💻🖥️📱

2019 Device & Award Spread

We supply Google (Chromebook), Android, Windows, and iOS devices. When choosing a device, consider the following specifications to get the most out of the Snapplify Reader:

To select and purchase devices for your school:

  1. Check out the latest deals here, and consider what would work best for your needs. Note that all prices listed exclude VAT.
  2. Contact our friendly procurement team at to get a quote.