Redeeming vouchers

If you have received a voucher code from your school, a bookseller or Snapplify, this is how you should redeem it to get your books.

Discount vouchers

Snapplify discount vouchers may offer percentage (e.g. 20% off) or value (e.g. R50 or Kshs 450 off) reductions on purchases of your choice in the Snapplify store. If you’ve received a Snapplify voucher, this is how you use it:

  1. Sign in to the Snapplify store ( or with your Snapplify login or Google account details.
  2. Browse the Snapplify store for the book(s) of your choice.
  3. After adding your desired ebooks to your cart, click 'MY CART' at the top right of your screen.
  4. Below the list of books added to your shopping cart, enter your voucher code, then click 'CLAIM VOUCHER' before checking out to receive your discount.

    Entitlement vouchers

    Entitlement vouchers give the redeemer a specific title (or titles). For example, if you create a voucher for The Hunger Games Trilogy, and assign all three of the books in this series to the voucher, the redeemer acquires these three books when redeeming the voucher.

    To redeem an entitlement voucher via Snapplify Redeem:

    1. Open your browser and navigate to

    2. Enter your voucher code and click on 'REDEEM'.
    3. You will now see the books that are on the voucher. To claim your ebooks, click on 'REDEEM'.
    4. Now you can log in to the Snapplify Reader with your existing Snapplify account or Google account. The voucher will be redeemed, meaning that the ebooks will be available to read in the reader app.

    Redeeming vouchers via the Android Snapplify Reader app

    Use the following steps to redeem a voucher through the Snapplify Reader app. Note that redeeming in-app is currently only supported on Android:

    1. Open the Snapplify Reader app on your Android device and sign in to your account.
    2. When signed in, navigate to the top left of your screen in the app, and tap on the three lines in the header menu.
    3. Tap on 'Redeem Voucher', enter the voucher code and click on 'REDEEM VOUCHER' to get your ebook(s).

    Need help? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at