Deleting a user’s account and/or creating a new account

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 💾

Sometimes, it may be necessary to delete a Snapplify user account. 🚫 This might be when a student or a teacher is leaving the school and their school email account needs to be closed. 

👉 In some cases a new teacher might require the books that you already purchased for the outgoing teacher. 📚 In these circumstances, we may be able to transfer the books to the new teacher. This is only allowed in specific circumstances - pop us an email for help doing this at

What you need to do

To delete an account, we will require an email from you (to containing the following details:

  • Account to be deleted (name, surname, email address).
  • Books assigned to the account (ISBN number, full title of the book).
  • Reason for the account deletion.

For us to create or transfer titles to a new account, we will need you to provide the following:

  • New email address.
  • Full name and surname of user.
  • Password for the new account.

What we will do

With this information, we will be able to create a new account and transfer the books from the old account to the new account (if necessary).

Once completed, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that the new account has been created and that the books have been transferred.

In any situation where you need support, we're just an email or message away. Contact us at or send us a chat message in Engage using the chatbot in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 👍