Registering and signing in with a Snapplify account

This article outlines how to register a Snapplify account, as well as how to log in, quickly and easily. 😀✔️

This article is for ANYONE USING SNAPPLIFY. 👦👧👨👩 

With a Snapplify account, you can log in and use the Snapplify Reader app, the Snapplify Shop, Snapplify Engage, or Teacha! Resources. 🖱️✔️

To use the Snapplify Engage e-learning platform, your institution will need to register before individual users can log in to your unique Engage platform.

🖥️ If you're a staff member at an educational institution, you can learn how to sign up for Engage here (it's FREE!). Once you've registered, you'll find these articles on managing user accounts useful.

🎓 If you're a student, you will need to find out if your institution is registered for Engage, and/or ask your institution to sign up.

Registering an account

If you already have a Google, Microsoft or Apple account, you can use these credentials (email address and password) to log in to Snapplify, without registering a new, separate Snapplify account. This saves you time, and makes it easier for you to get started with Snapplify quickly.

If you don't want to use Google, Microsoft, or Apple to sign in, you will need to register a new account with Snapplify.

To register a Snapplify account:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to
  2. Enter your details, then click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form. 

Signing in to Snapplify

To sign in to Snapplify using a Snapplify account:

  1. Navigate to the Sign In page on the Snapplify Reader app, the Snapplify Shop, Snapplify Engage, or Teacha! Resources
  2. Type in your Snapplify username and password.
  3. Select the 'SIGN IN WITH SNAPPLIFY' button.

🖇️ You can also link your Snapplify account to your existing Google, Microsoft, or Apple account for easier account management.

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