Updating a resource file or link in Engage

This article is for TEACHERS. 🍏📝

While working through a particular topic, you might come across a more comprehensive or user-friendly resource to share with your students than the one you have already uploaded to Engage.

You may choose to archive the older resource and replace it with an entirely new resource record for your resource library. Or, you may prefer to update the file or link associated with the existing resource. 🤔❓ Whatever works best for you, we've got your covered.

This is how you update the file or link on a resource record in Engage:

1. After logging in to Engage, click ‘Resources’ (towards the bottom left of the Engage dashboard).

2.  Click on the resource that you would like to update, then click on the 'Manage Link' or 'Manage File' button to the right of the resource page you are on.

👉 If replacing a link, paste the new URL over the old URL, then click 'Save' to confirm this change.

👉 If replacing a file, upload the new file to overwrite the old file. 

NOTE:  You may also like to change the description and/ or title of the resource once you have made a change to the resource link or file. You can do that by clicking the 'Edit' button under the resource title.

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