Librarian features for navigating your digital library

This article is for LIBRARIANS. 📚💚

We’re always looking for ways to help you and your students get the most out of your e-learning experience, so we’ve designed the library to maximise engagement with quality content. 📔📗 Here is a summary of the helpful features for librarians.

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Understanding the Favourites and Recommended sections

In the spirit of sharing our love of books, Snapplify developed the ‘Favourites’ and ‘Recommended’ sections within your school’s digital library to highlight specific content and help users to browse more effectively.


Favourites’ is listed to the left of the Engage dashboard, below ‘Library’. This section helps students to find content more easily. All Snapplify library books feature a star icon in the top left corner of the book’s jacket image (a.k.a. book cover). When the star is clicked, it turns yellow, meaning that the book has been ‘favourited’. All ‘favourited’ items are then listed under the ‘Favourites’ tab. As a librarian, you can use this feature to highlight content that you think your students may find useful.


Another nifty library feature is the ‘Recommended’ section, which is listed below ‘Favourites’ (also to the left of the Engage dashboard). Here, you’ll find an automatically curated list of favourite books that come from all Snapplify Engage accounts (inside, as well as outside your institution).

These are the 'world’s favourite books, according to Engage users'. Use this for inspiration, to see what others are reading, and to encourage your students to dive into a new recommended read.

Understanding other librarian admin features


The ‘Owned’ section (only visible to administrators of an Engage account) will show you all of the books that have been purchased by your school’s library to loan out to users.


The ‘Loaned’ section is also only visible to administrators of an Engage account. This section allows you to view all of the books in your library that are currently checked out. Here you are also able to return books manually if necessary.

Wait List

The ‘Wait List’ section shows administrators all of the books in your library that users are currently waiting for. You will also be able to see how many users are waiting for each book. This can be helpful for book procurement, as more library licences may be needed for a particular book if there is enough of a demand.


If you are only using the free library or if your library purchase type is set to 'Librarian purchasing', your students can make requests for ebooks that your school would need to purchase by clicking on the ‘Request book’ button under the book that they want. They will only see the ‘Request book’ button if your school has to buy the book. If the book is free or already owned by your library, the ‘Check Out’ button will be displayed underneath the image of the book. You will be able to review all requests under the ‘Requests’ section – only available to users classified as 'Librarian'.

👉 To learn more about managing library book requests, see this article.


Snapplify’s catalogue features hundreds of thousands of books and serves multiple levels of educational institutions. For this reason, you may come across books that you don’t want your students to see or read. If you spot a book that shouldn’t be available in your school library, you can block it from the book’s library page. If you want to review your blocked items, navigate to the ‘Blocked’ section when logged in to Engage. This section is only available to users classified as ‘Librarian’.

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