Managing library book requests

If your library purchase type is set to 'Librarian purchasing' and/or you haven't yet loaded your account balance, students can make requests for ebooks they would like your school to purchase by clicking on the ‘Request book’ button under the book that they want.

Librarians can then manage these requests under the ‘Requests’ section.

To review all requests:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Requests’ section when logged in to Engage.
  2. Under the 'New' tab, you will see any new requests, which you can approve or deny. Simply select the title and click the 'Approve' or 'Deny' button at the top of your screen.
  3. You can also approve books that were previously denied (you'll find these under the 'Denied' tab) if, for instance, budget now allows for a book to be purchased. Simply select the relevant title and click the 'Approve' button at the top of your screen.