Setting library purchasing types

Ebooks that have not yet been bought or licensed for your digital library can be purchased through Engage, using your pre-loaded library account balance. You can decide whether these purchases should be made only by the librarian, or by anyone using your institution’s digital library (patrons).

If your purchasing type is set to ‘Patron purchasing’, patrons are given permission to add books that they need to your institution’s library collection, without requiring purchase permission from the librarian. This works best for large institutions where librarian approval for each book is not feasible.

If your purchasing type if set to ‘Librarian purchasing’, the librarian will receive a notification when a student wants to check out an unpurchased book, and the librarian can approve or deny the transaction.

To set your preferred purchasing type for your institution:

  1. Navigate to Settings in Engage.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Purchasing Type’.
  3. Select ‘Librarian purchasing’ or ‘Patron purchasing’.
  4. Click ‘Save’.