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Setting up your digital library

Inspire and encourage students to read for leisure with Library. Give them the opportunity to learn in an engaging and interactive way by putting thousands of free ebooks, including novels and other fun leisure-reading titles, right at their fingertips.

The Library enables your institution to host your own digital content library, with easy-to-manage checkout and auto-return functionality. This requires no setup or management from staff, and your students can log in to your school’s digital library with their existing account details. You will find the ‘Library’ section to the left-hand side of Engage’s dashboard. In the Library, you can search and view the various titles that we have to offer using the search bar. You can search for a Library title using the following details, and ‘check out’ the book by clicking the green button below the title that you’re interested in:

  • Related ISBN
  • Author
  • Category
  • Format
  • Language

The library includes thousands of free ebook titles, which you can supplement with bestselling ebooks from local and international authors. Supplementing the basic library offering is simple – all you need to do is purchase a library licence for each additional title you’d like to add. A library licence is locked to an institution, and can be accessed from that institution's digital library. Library licences are not locked to a specific user, and can be used by multiple users. Access is limited by time (usually two weeks), and number of concurrent users (the standard is five). A library licence for a title costs, on average, 3.6x more than a standard single-user licence (though this multiplier may vary from publisher to publisher). A single-user licence is locked to one individual registered user, and can only be accessed by that user when they are logged in with their associated Snapplify or Google account. It cannot be shared between users.

My Books

Under the ‘My Books’ section in Engage, you’ll be able to see the books that you have currently checked out, return books (click the ‘Return’ button under the book you want to return), and see when your books are due to auto-return. You can also view the books on your ‘Wait List’.

witlist booklist

My Wait List

This section lists the books that you are waiting for, because someone else is currently reading them. When the book is returned, it will automatically be assigned to your account if you are the next user on the book’s ‘Wait List’. We’ll cover how the ‘Wait List’ works in the next section.


The ‘Favourites’ section of Engage makes it easier for your students to browse your digital library. This section can be curated by administrators to recommend books, such as popular leisure reads or important educational titles that are not on the prescribed reading lists.To favourite a book, simply:

  • Search for the title that you want to recommend with the search bar in Library, then click on the transparent star shape in the top left corner of the book’s cover image.
  • When the star turns yellow, this means that the book has been added to your list of ‘Favourites’.

You will find the ‘Favourites’ section to the left-hand side of Engage’s dashboard, just under ‘Library’. It's as simple as that.



Listed below 'Favourites' you will find the 'Recommended' section of your school library. This section is an automatically curated list of favourite ebooks that come from all Engage user accounts. In effect, these are the world's favourite books, according to Engage users.



The Snapplify curated collections allow students to browse through pre-populated lists of ebooks, based on popular authors, series, themes and interests. Here they’ll find great ebooks to keep them reading, whether they’re looking for Story Books for Young Readers, to learn All About Egypt or Brush up on great painters, to browse Stories vir kinders van 9 tot 11 jaar or to delve into Not Another Teen Romance - we’ve got something for everyone.



The ‘Categories’ section gives students another way to find books related to what they are interested in, or what they are studying. Under ‘History’ they will find past exam papers and other historical reads, while students who enjoy love stories will find their next fix under ‘Romance,’ and Star Wars fans will find other sci-fi worlds to get lost in under ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy.’


The ‘Owned’ section is only visible to administrators of an Engage account. This section will show you all of the books that have been purchased by your school’s library to loan out to users.


The ‘Loaned’ section is only visible to administrators of an Engage account. This section allows you to view all of the books in your library that are currently checked out. Here you are also able to return books manually if necessary.

Wait List

The ‘Wait List’ section is only visible to administrators of an Engage account. This section shows you all of the books in your library that users are currently waiting for. You will also be able to see how many users are waiting for each book. This can be helpful for book procurement, as more library licences may be needed for a particular book if there is enough of a demand.

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If you do not have an account balance set for your library or if you are using the free library, your students can make requests for ebooks that your school would need to purchase by clicking on the ‘Request book’ button under the book that they want. They will only see the ‘Request book’ button if your school has to buy the book. If the book is free or already owned by your library, the book will have the normal ‘Check Out’ button underneath it.Your school librarian will be able to review all requests under the ‘Requests’ section that falls under ‘Wait List’ in your menu. This section is only available to users classified as ‘Librarian.’


Snapplify’s catalogue is over 250 000 books and serves multiple levels of educational institutions. For this reason, you may come across books that you don’t want your students to see or read. If you spot a book that shouldn’t be available in your school library, you can block it from the book’s library page. If you want to review your blocked items, you’ll find the ‘Blocked’ section under ‘Requests’ in your menu. This section is only available to users classified as ‘Librarian.’