Sharing from Engage to Google Classroom

This article outlines how to share a link to an ebook within Engage to Google Classroom.

This article is for TEACHERS. 📚🍎

Within Engage, you have the option to share links to specific ebooks in the Snapplify Library or Store to other platforms, like Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration makes it easier for you to continue teaching digitally and collaborating with students, without any fuss.

This is how you share a link to an ebook in Engage to Google Classroom:

1. Navigate to ‘Library’ or ‘Store’ when logged in to Engage.  

2. Find the title you’d like to share and click on its image to open the title page.

📗To find the ebook you’re looking for in Engage, you can use the search bar at the top of your screen to search for a title, author, or ISBN. 

📙To refine your search, or to find more search options, click 'Advanced' to the right of the search bar. Once you've typed in your search details, click 'Search' or hit 'Enter' on your keyboard.

📘Remember you can also use the ‘Collections’ and ‘Categories’ sections, or the 'Recommended' or 'Favourites' tabs in the 'Browse' section in the library to browse pre-populated titles.

3. On the title-specific page, click the ‘SHARE’ button on the right-hand side.

4. From the drop-down options, select the platform you’d like to share to (i.e. Google Classroom) and follow the prompts in the pop-up window. You may also choose to copy the link to your clipboard, which will enable you to paste the URL wherever you need to (e.g. an email, a text message, or as part of a worksheet you’re creating).

Sharing on Snapplify

🙋💻 When sharing to a third-party app like Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, you may need to log in to the platform before you can proceed.

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