Snapplify Knowledge Base

Uninstalling the Snapplify Reader

You would need to uninstall the Snapplify Reader if a book file that you downloaded is corrupt (an incomplete download). This can be caused by a slow or intermittent internet connection.

For iOS, macOS, Android, or Chromebook Reader applications, follow your device’s standard uninstall procedure.

For Windows Reader applications, follow the following uninstall process:

Tip: When you uninstall the Windows Reader from your device, it does not remove the user data from your hard drive.

Uninstall the Reader
  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’.
  • Find the Snapplify Reader and click on ‘Uninstall’.
Remove the user data
  • Open ‘File Explorer’ or ‘My Computer’.
  • Open your ‘C:/ Drive’.
  • Click on ‘Users’.
  • Click on your user.
  • Navigate to the top bar and click on ‘View’.
  • Tick the option ‘Hidden Items’.
  • Click on ‘App Data’.
  • Click on ‘Local’.
  • Right-click on the Snapplify app and select ‘Delete’.

To ensure that you remove Snapplify entirely from your device, go to your Recycle Bin and remove the Snapplify folder.

Reinstall the Reader

Now you can visit to download the Snapplify Reader. You can just log in and re-download your books as required.