Snapplify Knowledge Base

Uninstalling the Snapplify Reader on Windows

Just uninstalling the Snapplify Reader will not remove all the required files.

Please follow these steps to ensure the Snapplify Reader is removed completely:

  1. Uninstall Snapplify Desktop Reader via Control Panel.
  2. Open File Explorer/My Computer and navigate to C:\Users\Your User\
  3. In the folder listed in step 2, there should be a folder called 'AppData'. (Note: This is normally a hidden file so by default it won't appear. To see how to unhide please see step 4.)
  4. To unhide the files and folders, go to the top toolbar of File Explorer and select 'View'. Once the toolbar has expanded, tick the box that reads 'Hidden Items'. Your 'AppData' folder should now be visible.
  5. Go into the 'AppData' folder and then into 'Local' folder ( C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local )
  6. There will be a folder named 'Snapplify'. Delete this entire folder.

Once the Snapplify Reader is completely removed, follow the steps below to download and reinstall the Snapplify Reader:

  1. Go to and install the Snapplify Reader.
  2. Sign in with your username and password.
  3. Click on the 'All' tab to download your books.

The above steps should resolve the issue you are experiencing.