Uploading and sharing multimedia resources

Snapplify supports the sharing of multimedia resources. This means that you can share video and audio content with your students, as well as written resources like books, quizzes, worksheets and notes.

Film a science experiment and upload it so that your class can watch it again later; record a lesson and share the audio file for homework or revision purposes; or simply upload a document with additional notes for your students.

Get started with Resources

1. After logging in to Engage, click ‘Resources’ (towards the bottom left of the Engage dashboard).

2. Next, click ‘Create Resource’ (the green button at the top of your screen).

3. Fill in the details for your resource (i.e. title, grade, subject, description, language, and keywords), then click ‘Save’ to continue to the next screen.

4. Once you’ve filled in the details for your resource, you will be able to upload a relevant image to help your students navigate the resources with ease.

5. Here, you can also upload the file (known as an ‘asset’) or add the asset link to your resource. To do this, click on ‘Upload’ or ‘Link to an external URL’. A file may be a document or MP3 file, for example; whereas the link may be to an online video or to the webpage where a book can be purchased, or borrowed from your school’s digital library. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your selected asset file or link URL.

6. Once you’ve created your resource by following the steps above, you can assign it to a group from the ‘Groups’ section (towards the bottom left of the Engage dashboard, above ‘Resources’). Select the relevant group, then click on the green ‘Add Resource’ button. Type the name of the resource into the search bar that pops up, select it when it appears and click 'Save' to confirm your selection.

If the group does not already exist, you will need to create a new group under the ‘Groups’ section, which follows a similar, simple process as creating a resource.