Understanding the Engage tiers

This article details the different Engage tiers: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

This article is for SNAPPLIFY NEWBIES. ✨

As you may already know, Engage combines Snapplify’s collaborative e-learning products into one platform, allowing you to share teacher-created, multimedia resource materials with students, purchase e-textbooks and build your own robust digital content library.

To be able to meet schools where they are at, there are three tiers of access to Engage to suit differing needs and budgets. They are: 

  • Engage Basic
  • Engage Professional
  • Engage Enterprise

Engage Basic
As part of our commitment to tackle issues around access and give schools the opportunity to explore digital learning at no cost, any institution can register for Engage online, for free, and get started immediately with over 50 000 free resources. When you register your institution, you will begin your e-learning journey on the Engage Basic Tier.

Upgrade to Engage Professional or Engage Enterprise for added benefits
Once registered, your institution has the option to upgrade to Engage Professional or Engage Enterprise for added benefits, like gaining access to exclusive bulk purchase discounts, advanced administration tools and integrations, and advanced data analytics.

How do I upgrade my Engage tier?
We believe it’s important to work together to find the best possible fit for your school. To upgrade your Engage tier, send an email to hello@snapplify.com so that we can schedule a short call or meeting to discuss your e-learning goals.

Need help with something technical? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at help@snapplify.com.