Updating your Snapplify Engage platform settings

This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 💾

You can update your school logo and name, library loan duration and the max number of books a user can check out:

  1. After logging in to Engage, navigate to 'Settings'.

  2. Here, you can update your school name by filling in the text block and clicking 'Save'.
  3. To update your school logo, simply hover your mouse over the green 'upload' icon and click on it. Select a your new logo from your device and click on 'Open'.

  4. To update your Library settings, enter the loan duration (number of days) into the Loan Duration box. For example, 14 will be 14 days or two weeks. Enter the maximum number of books a user can checkout into the Maximum Checkouts box. For example, 2 is the number books a user can have at once.

  5. On this page, you can also set your library purchase type.

  6. You can also set your school's default curriculum to help us improve your book browsing experience.

Can't find what you're looking for or need assistance? Contact us at help@snapplify.com or send us a chat message in Engage using the chatbot in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.