This article is for ADMINISTRATORS or HR MANAGERS. 

Using Teacha! Jobs, you can review, rate and manage applications online, all in one place.

Teacha! Jobs collates all the important applicant information for you so that you have everything you need to make hiring decisions.

We've sped up the hiring process even further by enabling you to send messages to candidates directly from your Employer Dashboard, or automatically notify applicants about the status of their application.


To manage applications on the Teacha! Jobs platform:

  1. Sign in to Teacha! Jobs as an employer.
  2. From your Employer Dashboard, select 'Manage Jobs'.
  3. On the Manage Jobs page, click the applications link.
  4. On the next page, you will see a list of applicants, and using the Actions drop-down menu, you are able to:

    • View the cover letter
    • Download the CV
    • View the applicant profile
    • Send a message
    • View the applicant's LinkedIn profile (if listed)
  5. Once you have reviewed a candidate, you can change the status of their application using the Application Status drop-down menu. Note that changing this status will send an email to the candidate to inform them that the status of their application has been changed.
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