This article is for EMPLOYERS.

Once you've registered an employer account and created your school profile, you'll be able to advertise vacancies in a matter of minutes on Teacha! Jobs.

To post a job:

  1. Log in to Teacha! Jobs as an employer.
  2. From the User Dashboard, click 'Post Job' in the navigation. (You can also hover your cursor over the user icon and select 'Post Job' from the drop-down menu.)

  3. On the Post a New Job page, complete the vacancy details.
  4. Once you've completed the job details, click the 'Save & Preview' button to save your job post.

To view your job listing, click the 'View Profile' button associated with your institution's name in the navigation.

You can also visit Teacha! Jobs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to view your job listings. 

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