This article is for TEACHA! SELLERS.

As a seller on the Teacha! resource marketplace, you may need to change a resource file in your store if, for instance, you’ve found and fixed an error, or you’d like to update the resource to align with a curriculum change.

Always update your resource, rather than deleting and re-uploading a new one:

  • If a resource is deleted from the system, those that have paid for the resource are no longer able to access their bought product.
  • If you edit a file linked to your resource and choose to upload a new one in its place, it is still linked to past purchases.
  • Duplicated resources will be removed from the site.

To update one of your existing resources:

  1. Once signed in, click 'All Resources' on the menu bar.
  2. On the Resources page, locate the resource that you would like to update and click on ‘Edit’.
  3. Scroll to the Files section of the ‘Edit Resource’ page and click the ‘Choose File’ button next to the file that you would like to update (do not delete the file; rather replace it).
  4. Upload the new file (or select it in your media library if it has been uploaded already), then click the ‘Insert File URL’ button.
  5. Rename the file by editing the text box under ‘Name’ (do not edit the text box under ‘File’).
  6. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Your resource has now been re-submitted for review and if it meets all requirements in our Terms of Use, it will be made live in approximately 1–2 working days. If you would like to view the resource in your store, click ‘View Store’.

When the Teacha! team receives complaints of resources files not working, we give sellers an opportunity to fix it. We'll notify you via email and the seller dashboard if there are any issues, and will be given 2 days to rectify it. However, since customers cannot use these files, they are eligible for a refund. We urge you to recitify any issues within 2 days to avoid the sale from being reversed. 

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