This article is for TEACHA! SELLERS. 

Replying to reviews (whether good or bad) builds trust. When a Teacha! customer shares a positive review, it could encourage other customers to buy your resource. Thanking them for their recommendation shows that you care.

Similarly, responding to a negative review is also beneficial. It shows that you’re keen to improve pain points in order to provide a great product.

At Teacha!, we monitor all reviews and may reach out to customers to verify their feedback, particularly if a negative review is submitted. If we find that a negative review is accurate and that changes need to be made to a resource, we also contact sellers regarding this.

To respond to a customer’s review of your resource:

  1. From the sidebar menu, select ‘Resource Ratings’.
  2. On the Ratings page, find the review to respond to, then click the ‘Reply’ button.

  3. A text box opens, where you can type your message. Once you’re happy with your feedback, click the ‘Submit’ button to send your reply to the Teacha! customer.

To create a good online product, you might need to update a resource in your Teacha! store.

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