This article is for TEACHA! SELLERS.

Why not grow your Teacha! store (and increase your sales) by becoming a Star Seller?


As a Star Seller, you’ll gain access to a range of benefits, including being featured in a Seller Spotlight to help you drive sales, having your resources verified to highlight their credibility, banners on Teacha! that link to your store, and more!

Here’s what you need to do to become to Star Seller:

  1. Sell exclusively on Teacha!

    Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that all your resources are sold exclusively on Teacha! (i.e. your resources are not sold on any other platform). We encourage you to promote your store on social media with a link to your resources on Teacha!.
  2. Keep your details up to date

    Make sure that all your details are completed and up-to-date. This includes your store information, your payment details, your store branding, and your Terms of Use agreement.
  3. Have a minimum of 20 paid-for resources in your store

    Your store should contain at least 20 resources to ensure that there are sufficient resources for sale. This excludes free resources.
  4. Respond to customer reviews and the Teacha! team

    Building a relationship with your customers is important for encouraging sales. Ensure that you respond to all customer reviews left on purchased resources and update your resources, if needed, based on the reviews.

    Also, Star Sellers need to respond to communication from the Teacha! team and resolve any issues within 1 working day.
  5. Obtain an average of 4+ stars for your store

    If you achieve four or more stars as your total store rating, you’re on your way to becoming a Star Seller.

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