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Once you've signed up for Teacha! Inspire, you can start personalising your profile to make it your own. You have the flexibility to edit your account information, update your profile picture, and add a cover photo.

To keep you anonymous, you are automatically assigned a number username when you sign up for Teacha! Inspire. If you prefer, you can easily change this (i.e. your nickname in your profile information) to a unique username when editing your profile.

To edit your Teacha! Inspire profile

  1. Once signed in, click your name on the menu bar, then hover your cursor over 'Profile' in the drop-down.
  2. A pop-up menu with options for your profile settings displays:
    • Select 'View' to view your details. 
    • Select 'Edit' to edit your details, then click the 'Save Changes' button to apply your changes.
    • Select 'Profile Photo' to upload a profile photo, either by selecting an image file from your device or by capturing a new photo.
    • Select 'Cover Photo' to customise the header of your profile, by selecting an image file from your device.
Learn how to manage your account on Teacha! Inspire.

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