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We've made it easy to manage all of your account settings in one place on Teacha! Inspire.

To access your Teacha! Inspire account settings

  1. Once signed in, click your name on the menu bar, then hover your cursor over 'Account' in the drop-down.
  2. A pop-up menu with options for your account settings displays: 
    • Select 'Login Information' to update your account email and password, then click the 'Save Changes' button to save your changes.
    • Select 'Email Preferences' to choose your email notification preferences, then click 'Save Changes' to apply your settings.
    • Select 'Privacy' to specify who may see your profile details, then click 'Save Changes' to save your changes. 
    • Select 'Blocked Members' to view a list of members you have blocked from contacting you.
    • Select 'Group Invites' to view group invites that you have received and to restrict group invites to members who are your connections only, then click 'Save' to apply your settings.
    • Select 'Export Data' to request an export of all your data from the platform.
    • Select 'Delete Account' to permanently delete your account.

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