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Snapplify Reader

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Support for distance learning

Learn how Snapplify is supporting schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get started with Engage

You want to register your school for Snapplify's e-learning platform and digital library solution. Welcome!

Engage for students

You're a student at a school using the Engage e-learning platform.

Engage for parents

You're a parent whose child is using Snapplify Engage.

Engage for administrators

You're the 'Admin' for your educational institution's Engage platform.

Engage for booksellers

You're a bookseller who is using Engage to offer your services to schools.

Engage for librarians

You're a librarian who manages your educational institution's digital library.

Engage for teachers

You're a teacher using Engage & e-textbooks in your classroom.

Teacha! Resources

Find out more about using our resource marketplace for teachers.

Teacha! Inspire

Find out more about our professional development platform for teachers.

Teacha! Jobs

Find out more about using our jobs platform for teachers and schools.

Buying ebooks

Our retail store & using vouchers.

Your Snapplify account

How to create & manage your user account.

Origin for partners

You're a Snapplify partner using the Origin platform.

Cloud Services for partners

You're a partner using Snapplify Cloud Services.