This article is for MOODLE USERS. 

If your school is using Snapplify and Moodle, we’ve made it easy for teachers and students to sign in to both platforms using the same account details

Saving time on registration and having fewer passwords to remember means that you can quickly get back to focusing on what matters most: education.

Your institution’s site administrator will need to enable Snapplify Authentication on Moodle before you will be able to sign in using your Snapplify account details. Please reach out to your school admin and ask them to contact

To log in to Moodle using Snapplify:

  1. Visit your institution’s unique Moodle web address (e.g.

  2. On the login page, select the option to log in using your account on Snapplify.
  3. On the Snapplify sign-in page, fill in your Snapplify username and password, then select ‘Sign in with Snapplify’.

Once you have entered in your details, click 'Let's Go' to continue the sign-in process.

You also have the option to sign in to Moodle using your Google or Microsoft account details from the Snapplify sign-in page. Simply select the relevant option, enter your Google/Microsoft account details, and follow the prompts to sign in.

If you already have a Snapplify account, we advise linking it to your existing Google or Microsoft account before signing in to Moodle.

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