You can use the powerful search function in the Snapplify Reader to locate passages and topics throughout your ebooks. For example, when you search for a specific word, it will display all the matching words in the ebook.

To use full-text search, follow the instructions for your specific device:

iOS and Android

  1. Open your ebook in the reader app by tapping on the jacket image.
  2. Tap on the screen to access the tool options, then tap on the search icon.

  3. Enter a search word or phrase. All the matching words in the ebook are returned in the search results.

From here, you can tap on a search result to navigate to the corresponding section in the ebook.

Windows and macOS

  1. Once your ebook is open in the reader app, click the 'Search' icon on the toolbar.

  2. Enter a search word or phrase. The matching words are highlighted in the text. Navigate through the search results by clicking the previous and next buttons, or use the rest of the options to narrow down your search.

In textbooks where a topic has been covered over multiple chapters, using the text search can help you access the material in one place.

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