This article is for SCHOOL MANAGEMENT and TEACHERS.

This feature is only available to schools that are purchasing digital books.

At Snapplify, we’re always working to remove obstacles and improve access to ebooks. Our Early Access feature is just another way we’re keeping the purchasing process simple and seamless for educators and making sure that students have everything they need for academic success.

After setting up your prescribed lists, setting up user groups, linking user groups to each list, adding users to those groups (either manually, by yourself or using joinable groups), and publishing your prescribed list, your users get immediate Early Access to their ebooks (for the first 4 weeks of the new academic year) – even if you have yet to finalise your order and make payment

This flexibility gives schools time to iron out any issues and double-check that orders are correct before prescribed e-textbooks are purchased, while students and staff get to use their ebooks from Day 1, without any disruptions.

If you unpublish your prescribed list (e.g. if you need to edit it), users will lose access to their Early Access titles until the list is re-published. 

In order to gain permanent access to the books, remember to finalise your order before they expire. Once you’ve made any final changes, you can make payment easily in Engage (if your school is paying for the books), or direct parents to follow this simple payment process.

As soon as we’ve received the funds, the Early Access period lapses, and the digital resources are owned by the end-user (student or staff member).

Learners can see when their Early access titles expire in the Reader app

Need help? Contact us at or send us a chat message in Engage using the chatbot in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.