This article is for TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS. 

Once you’ve set up your prescribed lists and allocated these to specific groups of users in Engage, you can monitor whether there are individual users who have not yet purchased the books that have been assigned to them.

This can be particularly useful, for example, at the beginning of the academic year when you need to check that everyone has access to the content they need.

Using this method, you'll only be able to see which users have not yet purchaced their books on individual prescribed lists. However, you also have the ability to see which users have outstanding book orders across all prescribed lists. 

To find the list of users who have not yet bought the books that have been assigned to them

  1. Once logged in to Engage, navigate to the prescribed lists by clicking ‘Textbooks’.
  2. Click the title of your specific prescribed list.
  3. Under the ‘Groups’ block, click the ‘View Users’ button.
  4. On the next page, you’ll see which titles each user has not yet purchased.

Remind parents or students to purchase their books with these useful templates.

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