This article is for SCHOOL MANAGEMENT and TEACHERS. 

Scholastic Literacy Pro is an add-on for PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE tiers of Snapplify Engage.

Literacy Pro assesses Lexile levels using the LitPro Test, then recommends books that are available in your school's Snapplify Engage e-library

Since these recommended books are personalised and based on student’s Lexile Level, age, and interests, students are more likely to find the reading experience enriching and rewarding.

With Scholastic Literacy Pro, students are motivated to read more, while educators are provided with key metrics that you can use to:

  • Monitor key performance data
  • Evaluate reading growth fast and accurately
  • Track proficiency with a snapshot of reading ability 
  • View analytics for school, grade, class, or individual student
  • Make data-informed decisions using Literacy Pro’s Reports

The LitPro Test

The LitPro Test is a baseline reading comprehension assessment that a reader must compete in order to obtain a Lexile level

  • Learners read sections of text, and then answer questions to ascertain their understanding of the text. 
  • The test adapts to the learner as they work through it to pinpoint the reading level accurately.

Book quizzes

Online, multiple-choice quizzes are a less formal way to measure comprehension after a student reads a book:

  • Thousands of quizzes to assess independent reading
  • Makes testing meaningful and actionable
  • Students build their word count and earn points towards certificates when they pass a quiz, motivating them to read more

School-to-home connection

  • Use data to inform parent-teacher meetings
  • Support a culture of reading that goes beyond the classroom
  • Involve and empower families
  • Reading more, talking about books, and practising reading strategies can improve a student’s comprehension and Lexile measure

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