This article is for STUDENTS.

Scholastic Literacy Pro accurately assesses your reading level so that you can search for books you'll find rewarding to read. As soon as you've finished the fun, multiple-choice LitPro Test, you'll receive a Lexile score.

A personalised reading list will then be created for you, based on your reading level and interests. 

  • The LitPro Test will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • The LitPro Test tab is only active if you have an available test to take.

To take the LitPro Test:

  1. Log in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.
  2. Click on the LitPro Test tab (towards the top right-hand side) to open the test.
    Screenshot 2020-11-23 152449
  3. The link opens a screen that introduces the LitPro Test. Click 'Let’s Get Started' to begin the test.
  4. The next screen shows the test directions. The test may begin with practice questions. You may exit the test, and the test session will be saved. Click 'Let’s Get Started' to continue with the test, or click 'Exit' to exit the test.
  5. Read each question, and then select the answer from the options available. Click the 'Next' button to record your answer and move to the next question. You also have the option to skip questions. You may skip up to three questions. To skip the question, click 'Skip'. You will see how many available skips you have left onscreen.
    Screenshot 2020-11-23 154444
  6. When you finish the LitPro Test, you may see your results, depending on your institution's settings. Click 'Exit' to exit the test, or click 'Create My Reading List' to use the Lexile measure to create a Recommended Reading List.
    Screenshot 2020-11-23 154047

Once you've received your Lexile score, you can search for books to match your Lexile level in Snapplify Engage.

Need help? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at