This article is for STUDENTS and TEACHERS.

There are many reasons for wanting to use highlights and notes while reading an ebook. It's a great way to interact with the text and to process the information that you're reading.

Highlighting allows you to select the text that you feel is important to remember. It also helps you to find information in your book quickly.  

Making notes is a good way to summarise what you've read. It also encourages you to think critically about what you're reading (i.e. to read with understanding).

The Snapplify Reader app also allows you to use different highlight colours, giving you the flexibility to colour-code your notes. 

You're able to do all of this in the Snapplify Reader app. With the highlights and notes functionality, you can:

  1. Make highlights and notes.
  2. Delete highlights and notes.
  3. See all your highlights and notes in one place.

Additionally, teachers can share their personal highlights and notes with a group of students to draw their attention to particular sections in a textbook.

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