If you've archived an ebook or resource in your Snapplify Reader and want to refer to it again, you can simply unarchive it.

To unarchive ebooks or resources, follow the instructions for your specific device:

iOS and Android

  1. Navigate to the 'Archived' tab, then hold down on the ebook or resource you wish to unarchive, or tap the vertical ellipses (the three vertical dots) on the jacket image.

  2. When the pop-up opens, tap 'Unarchive'.

The unarchived item will be available under the 'All' tab.

Windows and macOS

  1. Click 'Archived' on the navigation menu.

  2. Click the vertical ellipses on the jacket image of the ebook or resource you wish to unarchive.

  3. Once the pop-up opens, click the 'Unarchive' button.

The unarchived item can be found under 'All' in your library.

Learn how to archive your ebook or resource when you no longer want to see it in your Snapplify Reader.

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