This article is for STUDENTS. 

Setting your grade in Engage makes it simpler to find your groups. 

Once you've assigned a grade to your user, the groups list on your Home page will be filtered by your grade, so that you only see relevant groups (i.e. groups with the same grade and groups with no grades assigned).

Until you have a grade assigned, you will be prompted to set your grade every time you log in to Engage.

To set your grade

  1. Log in to Engage.
  2. From the 'Home' page, click the 'Set Grade' button in the Groups section.
  3. In the Assign Grade pop-up, start typing the grade in the associated textbox and select the applicable grade from the list of suggestions, then click the 'Assign' button to assign it to your user.

If your grade is already set, you'll see an 'Update Grade' button, instead of 'Set Grade'.

If you need to, you can also update your grade.

We recommend that your teacher or school administrator assign grades to groups. This makes it much easier for you to find and join groups.

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