This article is for LIBRARIANS

If your institution uses quotes and invoices from Library Lists to approve purchases for the library, follow these steps to get the needed information to your Finance team.

Only users with the Finance role are able to:

  • add to the institution's account balance (step 3 below)
  • generate an invoice in Engage (step 4 below)

To complete internal invoices for your institution’s purchasing approval process

  1. Create a library list and add the relevant titles.
  2. Generate a quotation for your library list.
  3. Add credit for your quotation value to your Engage account balance via EFT.

  4. Generate an invoice from the Orders section in Engage.

  5. Attach the invoice to the quotation and send it to your institution's Finance team.

Your institution's Finance team will use the Engage reference on the invoice to pay Snapplify. 

Once the funds have been received, Snapplify's Finance team uses your institution's Engage reference to approve your EFT credit. You'll be notified when you can proceed with purchasing books.

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