This article is for ADMINISTRATORS who are setting up Moodle to use LTI deep links with Snapplify Engage

Before you can deploy a new External Learning Tool and use the LTI Deep Links you will need to Create (also known as Register) a new tool in Moodle. 

It’s best to set up the LTI integrations in Engage alongside your tool registration in Moodle. To see how this is done read: How to set up LTI Integrations in Engage

To use this feature you must:

  • Have an Administration role in Moodle

  • Have an Administration role in Engage

  • Enable the 'Publish as LTI tool' for use across your Moodle site

Starting in the Moodle tool:

  1. As an admin user, go to "Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Publish as LTI tool > Tool registration"

  2. Click the "Register a platform" button to create a new platform registration

  3. Enter the name of the platform and click "Continue"

  4. You'll see a "Tool details" tab. Leave this browser window open.

Configure the tool

  1. Open a new tab in Moodle

  2. As an admin user, go to "Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > External tool > Manage tools"

  3. Click "Configure a tool manually"

  4. Change the field "LTI version" to "LTI 1.3"

  5. Change "Public key type" to "Keyset URL"

  6. Enable "Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message)"

  7. Copy the following URLs from the tool site into the respective form fields on the platform site:

    • Copy "Tool URL" into both the "Tool URL" field and the "Redirection URI(s)" field

    • Copy "Initiate login URL" into the "Initiate login URL" field

    • Copy "JWKS URL" into the "Public keyset" field

    • Copy "Deep linking URL" into both the "Content selection URL" field and the "Redirection URI(s)" field (on a new line)

  8. Set a tool name and save the configuration.

  9. On the resulting tool card, click "View configuration details" and leave this browser window open

In a new tab, open Engage and set this up according to the process laid out in set up LTI Integrations in Engage

Now that your new tool exists you are ready to complete the 'Deployment' setup in Moodle so you can Add the tool to the course.

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