This article is for Lecturers who are setting up content links in D2L Brightspace courses using Legacy LTI Launch

This link will need to be set up for each course.

This article will explain how to set up the Basic LTI Launch link so that your students are able to launch from each course in the Brightspace LMS into the Engage platform.


Before you can set up the Basic LTI Launch link in your course, your administrator will need to set up the LTI Launch with custom parameters for each corresponding group in Engage

Your instructional design team will also need to decide where the Engage LTI Launch link should be located. The link can be set up: 

  • In the announcements section of the course
  • In a specific module (for example: “Welcome and introduction”)

Setting up the Engage LTI Launch link in announcements

  1. On the Course Home page, select New Announcement.
  2. Fill in any relevant information for your announcement such as a headline and content text.
  3. When ready, Insert a quicklink and choose External learning Tools.

  4. Select Publish.

Setting up the Engage LTI Launch link in a module

  1. From within your chosen module, select Add Existing

  1. Locate External Tool Activity from the options

  1. Choose the External Learning Tool you would like to insert. 

  2. Ensure the Visibility setting is turned on and the tool is set to open in a new web browser tab


You can implement a simple text-based link, as above, but you can also create a widget in D2L Brightspace, or use an image as a link if you prefer. 

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