This Article is for ADMINISTRATORS who are setting up D2L Brightspace to use LTI deep links with Snapplify Engage.

You will need to deploy a new External Learning Tool in order use the LTI Deep Links with Snapplify Engage. If a tool does not exist you will need to create one.

If you have already created a tool you can skip this step and move onto setting up the Snapplify Engage LTI Deep linking tool in D2L Brightspace

You will need to ensure you have set up the LTI integrations in Engage first before you can set up the Snapplify Engage LTI Deep Linking Tool in D2L Brightspace. To see how this is done read: How to set up LTI Integrations in Engage

To use this feature you must:

  • Have a non-shared version of D2L Brightspace
  • Have Administration roles assigned to your user in D2L Brightspace

Setting up the Engage LTI Deep Linking Tool

To be able to use deep linking, the LMS ADMIN must setup an Engage Learning Tool. For instances where you only want to use the Basic Launch, skip this section.

  1. On the Brightspace settings menu, select External Learning Tools

  2. Select New Deployment 

  3. If there is no Tool* available in the drop down, you must create a tool. The easiest way to navigate to the tool registration is by clicking on the (?) icon.
  4. After clicking the (?) icon, you must then click the 'Register' link. We suggest opening this up in a new window, otherwise you will have to navigate back to deployments section after completing the tool setup.

  5.  You will be forwarded to the LTI Advantage tool registration page. Click the 'Register Tool' button.
  6. Select 'Standard', which will open the form, for manual entry of various details. Fill in the fields.
  7. Select the extension for Deep Linking only
  8. The rest can be left as is. You can then click the 'Register' button at the bottom of the screen.

    If successful, you will then be presented with the information required for the Engage set up step. These are the details required to create a new LTI Integration inside your Engage instance.

It's a good idea to copy the required information as you will need this after you have deployed your tool. You can always get back to this information by returning to the tool edit form.

Now that your new tool exists you are ready to complete the 'Deployment' setup in Bright Space. You can either close the current window, and return the the new 'Deploy Tool' form, or click the 'View Deployments' link in the window above.

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