This Article is for DEVELOPERS and PARTNERS who are using LTI to integrate with Snapplify Engage

Snapplify supports LTI 1.0 Basic Launch and LTI 1.3 Deep Linking.

To be able to utilize deep links or basic launch, the LTI Integration needs to be created in the institution's Engage instance. An Engage instance can integrate into one or many external LMS's. 

Both basic launch and deep links are configured in the same area in Engage, and can be contained in one LTI integration instance. 

This feature is only available for ENTERPRISE tier clients. Read this article for more about the Engage tiers.

To use this feature, you must have the Administrator role in your Institution's Engage Instance

Step 1: Create a LTI Integration

Sign into your institutions Engage Instance

Navigate to the Admin section of Engage using the Settings icon in the toolbar situated at the top of the screen

In the 'Apps' section, select 'LTI Appsfrom the left side navigation

Click the 'New Integration button

You will be presented with a form requiring various information from your chosen LMS.

Start by providing a label and uploading an Icon (the icon is required if setting up LTI1.0)

If you require deep linking

  • All the information in the LTI1.3 section is required

If you require incoming launch:

  • All but (Launch URL) in the LTI1.0 Section is required.

If you require inbound and outbound launch:

  • All information in the LTI 1.0 section is required
Note: If you are setting up for an outbound launch. The Icon you upload will appear in the More Options drop-down (top left)

Step 2: Set up your external LMS

Once you have completed Step 1, based on your requirements, there are two ways to register Engage as a tool in your chosen LMS; first is Engage LTI Auto Discovery the second is manual configuration.

With manual configuration you will be required to enter Engage specific information into the external LMS. The information required is contained in the LTI Integration section in Engage.

Read this article for guidance on setting up the Engage LTI deep linking tool in D2L Brightspace and Creating an External Learning Tool in Moodle

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