This article is for ADMINISTRATORS who are setting up D2L Brightspace to use LTI deep links with Snapplify Engage.

You will need to deploy a new External Learning Tool in order use the LTI Deep Links with Snapplify Engage. If a tool does not exist you will need to create one. 

Refer to this article to understand how to create an External Learning tool in D2L Brightspace

To use this feature you must:

  • Have a non shared version of D2l Brightspace
  • Have Administration roles assigned to your user in D2L Brightspace

On the Brightspace settings menu, select External Learning Tools

1. Click the 'New Deployment' button. Which will open the 'Deploy Tool' form. The 'Snapplify Engage Tool' will be available from the Tool* select box

2. Fill in all the required fields. 

Extensions (This should be automatically set as below)
  • (Disabled) Assignment and Grade Services
  • (Enabled) Deep Linking
  • (Disabled) Names and Role Provisioning Services
Security Settings
  • (Disabled) Anonymous
  • (Enabled) Org Unit Information
  • (Enabled) User Information
    • (Enabled) Name
      • (Enabled) First Name
      • (Enabled) Middle Name
      • (Enabled) Last Name
    • (Enabled) Email
    • (Enabled) User ID
    • (Enabled) Username
    • (Enabled) Org Defined Id
  • (Enabled) Link Information
    • (Enabled) Title
    • (Enabled) Description
Configuration Settings
(Enabled) Open as External Resource

 3. Once the form is complete click the 'Create Deployment' button. You will now be able to select edit, scroll down to the bottom, and click the 'View Links' link.

4. A window will open containing the 'Links' page. Click the 'New Link' button so that the create link form is opened. 

5.  Fill in all the input fields on the form and select Save and Close

Snapplify Engage Deep Link

The Engage instance URL, with /lti/deeplink  appended. NOTE: NO trailing '/'  e.g.

Snapplify Engage Deep Link

Select 'Deep Linking Quicklink'

  • 800x600


The Brightspace part of the LTI integration set up is completed.

You now need to complete the setup by registering an LTI Integration in the Engage instance.

Below is a map of values required for Engage LTI Integration and Bright Space. 

Engage LTI IntegrationBrightspace Registration Details
Client IDClient ID
Authorization EndpointOpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint
Token EndpointBrightspace OAuth2 Access Token URL
Public KeySet EndpointBrightspace Keyset URL 

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