This article is for ADMINISTRATORS and TEACHERS.

In order for your prescribed lists to be “purchase ready” they need to be published and have the correct associated group. To help ensure you don’t miss a step, Engage will provide Alerts in the form of Quality errors. 

This article will explain how to interpret the alerts so that you can finalize your setup correctly.

If you need guidance on setting up your prescribed list see: Setting up prescribed lists

Prescribed lists cannot be published if there is certain information missing such as:

  • Missing: Groups
  • Missing: Assets
  • If a certain book in the prescribed list has been removed from sale by the publisher. 
  • If a certain book is no longer available for sale in your territory

Missing group error on your prescribed lists:

  • If you have created a group for this prescribed list, type the name of your group into the textbox under 'Groups' and select the correct group from the drop-down options.

Missing assets error on the prescribed list:

  • If there are no titles in the prescribed lists, click the 'Add Titles' button to view a filtered list of curated titles.

  • Browse the list of titles and add titles to the prescribed list by selecting the green + symbol next to each book and clicking 'Yes' when asked if you want to add the selected title.
  • When you're finished adding titles to your prescribed list, navigate back to your prescribed list page by clicking the title of your list at the top left-hand corner of your screen, or clicking the 'Back' button in your browser.

Removed from sale by the publisher or unavailable due to territory restrictions

  • Publishers update their titles on the Snapplify platform frequently both in terms of pricing and availability. This means that a title may become available or unavailable as a result of these updates. You will need to remove this title before publishing your list
  • If a publisher has removed a title from sale, you will need to search for the title again to check if a new edition has been added to the store.
  • To remove the title with the error from the prescribed list, simply click on the red X next to the title

For more info on territory, restriction see Understanding Territory Restrictions on Digital Content


You may see additional alerts such as Missing Curriculum and Missing Curriculum Level. Updating the Curriculum and Curriculum Level applies a filter to your search options when looking for titles. 

Missing Curriculum and missing Curriculum level errors on prescribed list:

  • If you did not update your curriculum when creating the prescribed list you can place the information in the ’Filters’ section on the prescribed list.

Once the errors have disappeared your prescribed lists will be ready to publish, You can be assured that there is no missing information and, once published, purchases can now be made.

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